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With the ending of the year and the beginning of a new year, the Greenville Chapter has some remaining officers along with new officers.  With this being said, I would like to thank all the members, officers and the Upstate biking community for your support over the last 2 years in making every event successful and safe, for that “Thank you all”.
A special “Thank you” to Fred Laxton, Bob Baxter, and Sherry Allison who hung in there for the complete 2 years.  Fred Laxton for keeping up with the minutes, and for the many hours spent on updating our web site.  Bob Baxter for keeping us up to date with what our law makers were and are doing not only on the State level, but also on the Federal level.  Sherry Allison for stepping up whenever asked, whether it being Membership Officer or Treasurer, hosting Christmas in July, cooking dinner for the families of members we have lost along the way, or just making everyone laugh when we needed it.   Let me not forget to thank Donna Ely for catching most of my typo’s, organizing the Adopt-A-Highway and finishing up bike nites, “Thank you”.  Also,  to Tina & Chappy Smith for setting up about every bike night and ordering and keeping up with the product “Thank y’all”.     
“Thank you” to officers (you know who you are), who stepped up not knowing exactly what to do in their position, but who were willing to give of themselves to help with the success of the Greenville Chapter.   Many other officers have stepped up and down at times, for all their efforts during their time I “Thank You”. 
The past 2 years have been both rewarding and challenging.  I have enjoyed how our members and the biking community has come together to give to our community, also watching the Chapter grow in membership, and seeing the brotherhood and sisterhood of the Greenville Chapter be stronger than ever.  While my time as Coordinator comes to an end, my involvement as a member will remain.  My calling now is to help with the change in our community and State with domestic violence, and with everything I have learned with ABATE, this will help me with this next challenge in life, and for that I am grateful.
I encourage the Greenville ABATE Chapter members and biking community to continue your support for the upcoming year.  Please welcome this year’s officers; Coordinator-Melody “Bubbles” Rahall, Secretary/Webmaster-Fred Laxton, Treasurer-Jennifer “Blaze” Blazevich, Membership Coordinator-Tammy Shook,  Legislative/Area Coordinator-Bob Baxter, Product Coordinator-Tina Smith, and Event Coordinator-Jeff “Fatboy” Rahall.
Happy New Year!  See y’all in the wind!
Vickie “Free Spirit” Fleming

ABATE of South Carolina, Greenville County Chapter

A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments

ABATE is a motorcycists' rights organization dedicated to preserving individual liberties and biker rights.

ABATE works to increase motorcycle awareness among all motorists and supports voluntary rider safety training.

ABATE works to educate concerned citizens on how to effectively impact the legislative process.

ABATE encourages bikers to become politically active in their communities.

ABATE is non-partisan and welcomes all riders and friends of liberty.

ABATE works closely with other state chapters and national motorcycle rights organizations throughout the country such as the National Coalition of Motorcyclists, Motorcycle Riders Foundation, and American Motorcycle Association

ABATE sponsors various benefits, events and runs.


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